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  1. Suprabasalt Stratigraphy Within and Adjacent to the Reference Repository Location

    Accession: E0032420
    Doc Number: SD-BWI-DP-039
    Revision: 000
    Author: Bjornstad B N
    Doc Date: March 01, 1984
  2. Natural Analog Study of Engineered Protective Barriers at the Hanford Site

    Accession: E0031394
    Doc Number: PNL-8840
    Author: Bjornstad B N, Teel S S
    Doc Date: September 01, 1993
  3. Geologic Setting of 200-E Area Update

    Accession: E0019549
    Doc Number: SD-EN-TI-012
    Revision: 000
    Author: Bjornstad B N, Lindberg J W, Lindsey K A, Hoffmann K M
    Doc Date: March 09, 1992
  4. Late Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Evolution Within Subsiding Basin South Central Washington

    Accession: D196005916
    Doc Number: N/A
    Author: Bjornstad B N
    Doc Date: May 08, 1990
  5. Quaternary Stratigraphy of Pasco Basin Area South Central Washington

    Accession: E0008797
    Doc Number: RHO-BW-SA-563 A
    Author: Tallman A M, Bjornstad B N, Fecht K R
    Doc Date: May 08, 1990
  6. Preliminary Stratigraphic and Structural Model of Reference Repository Location

    Accession: E0015559
    Doc Number: SD-BWI-TI-293
    Revision: 000
    Author: Bjornstad B N, Landon R D
    Doc Date: July 25, 1986
  7. Borehole Completion and Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model For the IFRC Well Field 300 Area Hanford Site

    Accession: 0084038
    Doc Number: PNNL-18340
    Author: Bjornstad B N, Lanigan D C, Horner J A, Thorne P D, Vermeul V R
    Doc Date: April 01, 2009
  8. Hydrogeology of the Hanford Site Central Plateau – A Status Report for the 200 West Area

    Accession: AR-19861
    Doc Number: PNNL-17913, Rev 1
    Author: Last G V, Thorne P D, Horner J A, Parker K R, Bjornstad B N, Mackley R D, Lanigan D D, Williams B A
    Doc Date: August 31, 2009