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  1. Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility Equipment Maintenance Plan

    Accession: E0051410
    Doc Number: RFS-ERDF-002.7
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: January 26, 1999
  2. Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility Health and Safety Plan

    Accession: E0051409
    Doc Number: RFS-ERDF-002.1
    Revision: 4
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: April 23, 1999
  3. Project Management Plan for Low-Level Mixed Waste and Greater-Than-Category 3 Waste per TPA M-91-10

    Accession: D199146077
    Doc Number: HNF-4293-1
    Author: Bounini L
    Doc Date: June 01, 1999
  4. Meeting Minutes Project W-178 219-S Secondary Containment Upgrades Ecology Interface TPA Milestone M-32-00 September 11 1998

    Accession: D198220798
    Doc Number:
    Author: Cahill M A
    Doc Date: September 11, 1998
  5. Facility Effluent Monitoring Plan for PUREX

    Accession: D198027106
    Doc Number: WHC-EP-0468-4
    Author: Johnson R E
    Doc Date: December 01, 1997
  6. Laboratories Administration

    Accession: D198167134
    Doc Number: WHC-CM-5-4, RELEASE 69,WMH 5-4
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: November 11, 1997
  7. Laboratories Administration

    Accession: D198167138
    Doc Number: WHC-CM-5-4, RELEASE 70,WMH 5-4
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: January 16, 1998
  8. Laboratories Administration

    Accession: D198055917
    Doc Number: WHC-CM-5-4, RELEASE 71,WMH 5-4
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: February 13, 1998
  9. Data Package Summary Analytical Laboratory 105-N Basin Phase II Sediment Sampling Sample Numbers B0MPC8 B0MPC9 B0MPD0 B0MPD1 B0MPD3 B0MPD4 B0MPD5 B0MPD6

    Accession: D198094396
    Doc Number: S0006-222-S,SD-WM-DP-289
    Revision: 0-A
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: December 23, 1997
  10. Environmental Releases for CY 1997

    Accession: D8225947
    Doc Number: HNF-EP-0527-7
    Author: Gleckler B P
    Doc Date: August 01, 1998