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  1. Transmittal of the Part A Form for the 1706-KE Waste Treatment System to the Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit, Dangerous Waste Portion, Revision 8C, for the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal of Dangerous Waste (Site-wide Permit), Part V, Closure Unit Group 14 (CUG-14), WA7890008967

    Accession: AR-01225
    Doc Number: 18-NWP-113
    Revision: N/A
    Author: Dahl S
    Doc Date: June 28, 2018
  2. Revised Part A Form for the 1706-KE Waste Treatment System

    Accession: 0065356H
    Doc Number: 18-AMRP-0118
    Author: Shoop D S
    Doc Date: June 13, 2018
  3. Changes to Waste Water Pilot Plant RD&D Permit Application

    Accession: D196136814
    Doc Number:
    Author: Clark C E
    Doc Date: October 23, 1991
  4. Final Draft RCRA Interim Status Assessment of Thirteen Facilities

    Accession: D195062149
    Doc Number: WHC-EP-0257
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: April 01, 1989
  5. Hanford Environmental Self Assessment Report

    Accession: D195062063
    Doc Number: 8952198
    Author: Izatt R D, Lerch R E
    Doc Date: April 28, 1989
  6. WAC 246-247 Radiation Protection Air Emissions Notification of Modification for 1706-KE Laboratory C-018H Pilot Plant

    Accession: D196135075
    Doc Number:
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: September 26, 1991
  7. Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Change Control Form T-Plant TBG Submission Date Change

    Accession: D196008460
    Doc Number: M-23-90-4
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: June 18, 1990
  8. Transmittal of Project C-018H Waste Water Engineering Alternatives Report

    Accession: E0016159
    Doc Number: 91-WOB-315,9104203
    Author: Wisness S H
    Doc Date: September 04, 1991
  9. Hanford Site Inspection May 15 Through 16 1989

    Accession: D196101538
    Doc Number:
    Author: Witczak J
    Doc Date: May 22, 1989
  10. Submittal of Revised Dangerous Waste Closure/Post Closure Plan For the 1706-KE Waste Treatment System For the State of Washington Department of Ecology Approval

    Accession: 0096145
    Doc Number: 09-AMRC-0140
    Revision: 1
    Author: Teynor T K
    Doc Date: June 24, 2009