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  1. Low Activity Waste Pretreatment System Dangerous Waste Permitting Plan

    Accession: AR-03614
    Doc Number: N/A
    Revision: N/A
    Author: Vance B T, Smith A K
    Doc Date: April 26, 2019
  2. Agenda for the Office of River Protection Tri-Party Agreement Quarterly Milestone Review

    Accession: AR-03148
    Doc Number: N/A
    Revision: N/A
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: February 27, 2001
  3. Hanford Double-Shell Tank Supernatant Mixing: Activities, Observations, and Modeling

    Accession: AR-19820
    Doc Number: RPP-RPT-60162, Rev 0
    Author: Murray R M, Conner J M
    Doc Date: November 14, 2017
  4. Methodology and Calculations for the Assignment of Waste Groups for the Large Underground Waste Storage Tanks at the Hanford Site

    Accession: AR-19872
    Doc Number: RPP-10006, Rev 17
    Author: Yarbrough R J
    Doc Date: November 14, 2019
  5. Fiscal Year 2019 Filtration of Hanford Tank AP-107 Supernatant

    Accession: AR-19863
    Doc Number: PNNL-28780, Rev 0, RPT-DFTP-015, Rev 0
    Author: Geeting J G, Allred J R, Rovira A M, Peterson R A
    Doc Date: August 31, 2019
  6. External Expert Review of the Low-Activity Waste Pretreatment System (LAWPS) Project

    Accession: AR-19806
    Doc Number: RPP-RPT-60405 Rev 0
    Author: Eschenberg J , Ashley G , Brouns T , Burns T , Burrows C , Edwards R , Fortenberry K , Herman C , Johnson M , Krueger J , Luey J , Murray P , Vitali J
    Doc Date: October 23, 2017
  7. Tank Side Cesium Removal (TSCR) and Spent Ion-Exchange Column Storage Pad Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis

    Accession: AR-19858
    Doc Number: RPP-RPT-61188, Rev 0
    Author: Ferrara D M, Lanning R D, Valentine M G
    Doc Date: October 21, 2019
  8. Tank 241-AP-106 Cs-137 Removal for Repurposing Process Control Plan

    Accession: AR-19862
    Doc Number: RPP-PLAN-62353, Rev 3
    Author: Gallaher B N
    Doc Date: December 05, 2019
  9. Dangerous Waste Compliance Inspection on October 26, 2021, at the Double Shell Tank System (DST) Facility, RCRA Site ID: WA7890008967, Nuclear Waste Program (NWP) Compliance Index No.: 21.751

    Accession: AR-20064
    Doc Number: 22-NWP-059
    Author: Shaffer A M
    Doc Date: May 24, 2022
  10. DOE/RL-2022-7, Revision 0, Radionuclide Air Emissions Report for the Hanford Site, Calendar Year 2021

    Accession: AR-20413
    Doc Number: 22-ECD-001661, DOE/RL-2022-7, Rev 0
    Author: Vance B T
    Doc Date: June 21, 2022