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  1. Environmental Assessment of F-Area Decommissioning Program

    Accession: E0009366
    Doc Number: UNI-802
    Revision: —
    Author: Dorian J J
    Doc Date: May 12, 1978
  2. Radiological Characterization of Retired 100 Areas

    Accession: D196008079
    Doc Number: UNI-946
    Revision: —
    Author: Dorian J J, Richards V R
    Doc Date: May 26, 1978
  3. Production Reactor Decommissioning Study 100-F Site and Facilities Description

    Accession: D196071177
    Doc Number: UNI-1001
    Revision: —
    Author: N/A
    Doc Date: March 13, 1978
  4. Onsite Environmental Surveillance Program for 100-N Area

    Accession: D196084461
    Doc Number: UNI-1347
    Revision: —
    Author: Poppe L K
    Doc Date: October 1, 1979