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AR-01148 16-Apr-2019 ECF-200W-16-0092 1 Calculation of Three-Dimensional Groundwater Concentration Plumes for 200-West for Calendar Year (CY) 2015
AR-01149 16-Apr-2019 ECF-300FF5-18-0024 0 Calculation of Concentration Trends, Means, and Confidence Limits for CIS-1,2-Dichloroethene, Gross Alpha, Nitrate, Trichloroethene, Tritium, and Uranium in the 300-FF-5 Operable Unit Through CY 2017
AR-01156 08-Apr-2019 ECF-200PO1-18-0031 0 Identification of Site-Specific Monitoring Constituents for the Nonradioactive Dangerous Waste Landfill
AR-01124 21-Mar-2019 ECF-200PO1-18-0010 0 Groundwater Flow and Migration Calculations to Support the Assessment of the NRDWL Groundwater Monitoring Network
AR-01141 20-Mar-2019 D4-PFP-041 Facility Status Change Form for 2712Z D4-PFP-041
AR-01142 20-Mar-2019 D4-PFP-110 Facility Status Change Form for MO2308, D4-PFP-110
AR-01143 20-Mar-2019 D4-PFP-135 Facility Status Change Form Area 200W for 252Z-2, D4-PFP-135
AR-01125 19-Mar-2019 SGW-62854 0 Post-Closure Corrective Action Groundwater Monitoring Report for the 183-H Solar Evaporation Basins: July - December 2018
AR-01126 19-Mar-2019 SGW-62881 0 Post-Closure Corrective Action Groundwater Monitoring Report for the 300 Area Process Trenches: July - December 2018
AR-01127 11-Mar-2019 ECF-HANFORD-13-0028 2 Columbia River Stage Correlation for the Hanford Area
AR-01153 01-Mar-2019 ECF-HANFORD-19-0002 0 Calendar Year 2018 Total Organic Carbon / Total Organic Halides Limit of Detection / Limit of Quantitation Environmental Calculation Form
AR-01087 26-Feb-2019 DOE/RL-88-30 28 Hanford Site Waste Management Units Report
AR-00026 21-Feb-2019 ECF-100BC1-16-0085 1 Cost Estimate Inputs for Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Alternatives for 100-BC-1, 100-BC-2, and 100-BC-5 Operable Units
AR-01118 21-Feb-2019 DOE/RL-2018-65 0 Hanford Site RCRA Groundwater Monitoring Report for 2018
AR-01091 14-Feb-2019 D4-PFP-025 N/A Facility Status Change Form for 242Z, Waste Treatment Facility (WTF), D4-PFP-025
AR-01092 14-Feb-2019 D4-PFP-026 N/A Facility Status Change Form for 242ZA, Airlock Access Building, D4-PFP-026
AR-01093 14-Feb-2019 D4-PFP-030 N/A Facility Status Change Form for 2503Z, Switch Yard, D4-PFP-030
AR-01094 14-Feb-2019 D4-PFP-068,D4-PFP-069 N/A Facility Status Change Form for 291Z Exhaust Air Filter Stack Building and 291Z001 Main Exhaust Air Stack, D4-PFP-068 and D4-PFP-069
AR-01095 14-Feb-2019 D4-PFP-134 N/A Facility Status Change Form for 252Z1 PFP North Substation, D4-PFP-134
AR-01155 17-Jan-2019 SGW-62920 0 Sampling Instruction for Unplanned Release of Groundwater During Uranium Sequestration Stage B Operations in the 300-FF-5 Operable Unit
AR-00010 20-Dec-2018 ECE-100HR317-00001 0 Environmental Cost Estimate for the 100-DR-1, 100-DR-2, 100-HR-1, 100-HR-2, and 100-HR-3 Remedial Design/Remedial Action Work Plan
AR-01144 13-Dec-2018 DOE/RL-2018-47 0 100-D/H Interim Remedial Action Report
AR-00047 15-Aug-2018 SGW-60585 0 Engineering Evaluation Report for the 216-S-10 Pond and Ditch Groundwater Monitoring
AR-01158 15-Aug-2018 CHPRC-03726 0 Summary of Calendar Year 2017 Bioremediation at the UPR-100-N-17 Waste Site
AR-01082 19-Oct-2017 SGW-61096 0 Borehole Summary Report for the Installation of Five M-24 Monitoring Wells at the 200-PO-1 and 200-BP-5 Operable Unit, FY 2017
AR-01154 01-Nov-2016 ECF-300FF5-16-0091 0 Uranium Transport Modeling in Support of the Stage A Enhanced Attenuation Remedy at 300-FF-5 Operable Unit
AR-00013 10-Dec-2012 ECF-HANFORD-12-0066 2 Calculation of Radiological Risks for ARCL Sites in the River Corridor in Support of the 100 and 300 Area Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) Reports
AR-01147 01-Nov-2011 DOE/RL-2011-75 0 Transition Plan from the Interim 200-ZP-1 Pump-and- Treat System to the Commissioning of the 200 West Area Groundwater Treatment Facility
AR-00011 13-Dec-2010 CHPRC-01056-VA 3 Hanford Site - Deep Vadose Zone Cleanup Challenge
AR-00014 24-Jan-1995 BHI-00105 0 FY1993 Wellfield Enhancement Status Report and Data Package for the 200 West Area Carbon Tetrachloride Expedited Response Action