Search Help

There are two primary methods to search the database: a Simple Search and an Advanced Search.
Simple Search
This method often suffices the majority of users. If you know the title of the document or a few keywords from the title or some other field of the document, then the Simple Search is the best method to obtain a listing of desired documents.

For example, if you know that the document title contains the words "waste tanks", simply enter these two words into the simple search input field and click on the Search button. The system will return all records with the words "waste" and "tanks" within any of the Simple Search fields in the database.

The Simple Search searches the following fields:

  • Accession Number
  • Title/Description
  • Document Number
Advanced Search
Each document record contains the following distinct fields which can be searched:
  • Accession Number
  • Title/Description
  • Document Number
  • Alternate Doc Number
  • Revision
  • EDMC File Number
  • Original Author
  • Originating Company
  • Document Date
  • Date Added to Ar/Pir
Advanced Search allows the user to search any combination of fields. Enter your search criteria only in those fields on which you wish to search. Searching ALL of the fields will be time consuming, and it is generally unnecessary to achieve the desired results.