Other Resources


Hanford Facility Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit Revision 8C

The Washington State Department of Ecology’s website housing the Dangerous Waste Portion of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permit for the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal of Dangerous Waste.

Hanford Site Documents

Access Hanford Site documents posted directly to www.hanford.gov.

Hanford Site Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Privacy Act

Information on the Freedom of Information Act, guidance for submitting a FOIA request, and historical Hanford FOIA requests.

Office of Science and Technical Information

The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science web portal for accessing scientific and technical information generated from DOE-funded research and development activities. 


A searchable bibliographic index of DOE declassified documents.


A family of spatially enabled web applications developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to provide quick access to decades of valuable scientific data and insight through intuitive query, visualization, and analysis tools.

Public Reading Room for the Richland Operations Office and Office of River Protection

The Richland Operations Office and Office of River Protection Public Reading Room managed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 


A suite of analytical software developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that perform multiple types of analyses on environmental data collected from over 2,000 groundwater monitoring wells.

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management

The U.S. Department of Energy office whose mission is to address the nation's Cold War environmental legacy resulting from five decades of nuclear weapons production and government-sponsored nuclear energy research.

U.S. Department of Energy Reading Room

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room for the Department of Energy at Headquarters.

U.S Environmental Protection Agency 

The homepage for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 10, Pacific Northwest.

Washington State Department of Ecology, Nuclear Waste Program Office

The homepage of the Washington State agency delegated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act authority for much of the Hanford Site.