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  1. Groundwater Exchange with Fluctuating Rivers

    Accession: D196083547
    Doc Number: HW-SA-3198
    Author: Brown D J, Raymond J R
    Doc Date: September 13, 1963
  2. Subsurface Geology of the Hanford Separation Areas

    Accession: 0064863H
    Doc Number: HW-61780
    Revision: 0
    Author: Brown D J
    Doc Date: October 01, 1959
  3. Groundwater Travel Time Calculations for 1301-N Crib

    Accession: D196008991
    Doc Number: HW-80558
    Author: Brown D J
    Doc Date: July 30, 1964
  4. 100-N Area Aquifer Evaluation

    Accession: D196008311
    Doc Number: HW-67326
    Author: Brown D J, Rowe P P
    Doc Date: November 04, 1960
  5. Geology Underlying Hanford Reactor Areas

    Accession: D196039031
    Doc Number: HW-69571
    Author: Brown D J
    Doc Date: March 01, 1962