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  1. Status Report for the Small-Tube Lysimeter Facility FY 1992

    Accession: E0030142
    Doc Number: WHC-EP-0597
    Author: Kemp C J, Cadwell L L, Sachschewsky M R
    Doc Date: July 01, 1993
  2. Wildlife Studies on Hanford Site 1993 Highlights Report

    Accession: D196016616
    Doc Number: PNL-9380
    Author: Cadwell L L
    Doc Date: April 01, 1994
  3. Nuclear Fuel-Cycle Radionuclides in Raptor Castings: Implications for Environmental Monitoring

    Accession: D196029466
    Doc Number:
    Author: Cadwell L L, Fitzner R E
    Doc Date: November 01, 1984
  4. Hanford Protective Barriers Program Water Erosion Studies FY 1989

    Accession: E0009912
    Doc Number: PNL-7214
    Author: Hoover K A, Cadwell L L, Walters W H
    Doc Date: June 01, 1990
  5. Animal Intrusion Field Test Plan

    Accession: E0008742
    Doc Number: WHC-EP-0253
    Author: Landeen D S, Cadwell L L
    Doc Date: April 01, 1990
  6. Hanford Site Protective Barrier Development Program FY 1990 Highlights

    Accession: E0022739
    Doc Number: PNL-7831
    Author: Cadwell L L
    Doc Date: September 01, 1991
  7. Status Report for Small-Tube Lysimeter Facility FY 1990

    Accession: E0012339
    Doc Number: WHC-EP-0381
    Author: Kemp C J, Cadwell L L, Thiede M E, Sackschewsky M R, Waugh W J
    Doc Date: January 01, 1991