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  1. Flammable Gas Project Criteria for Flammable Gas Watch List Tanks

    Accession: D197116952
    Doc Number: HNF-EP-0702
    Revision: 001
    Author: Cash R J
    Doc Date: January 01, 1997
  2. Feasibility Report on Criticality Issues Associated with Storage of 100-K Basin Sludge in Tank Farms

    Accession: D197180893
    Doc Number: SD-WM-ES-409
    Revision: 000
    Author: Vail T S
    Doc Date: May 29, 1997
  3. Preliminary Safety Assessment Transfer of 100-K Basin Sludge Into Double-Shell Tank 241-AW-105

    Accession: D8254446
    Doc Number: HNF-MR-0541
    Revision: B
    Author: Daling P M
    Doc Date: May 30, 1997
  4. Alternative Conditioning Process for 100-K Basin Sludge

    Accession: D198045234
    Doc Number: HNF-2280
    Revision: 000
    Author: Precechtel D R
    Doc Date: May 02, 1998
  5. 105-K Basin Material Design Basis Feed Description for Spent Nuclear Fuel Project Facilities Volume 1 Fuel

    Accession: D198148320
    Doc Number: SD-SNF-TI-009
    Revision: 002
    Author: Praga A N
    Doc Date: August 12, 1998