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  1. Tank Characterization Technical Sampling Basis

    Accession: AR-03367
    Doc Number: HNF-SD-WM-TA-164
    Revision: 4
    Author: Brown T M, Hunt J W, Fergestrom L J
    Doc Date: April 16, 1998
  2. Hanford Tanks Initiative Test Facility Functions and Requirements

    Accession: E0047159
    Doc Number: SD-HTI-FRD-001
    Revision: 000
    Author: Krieg SA
    Doc Date: March 19, 1997
  3. Tank 241-AN-107 Mixed Pump Caustic Additional Project Plan of Action to Mitigate Flammable Gas Concerns

    Accession: E0047639
    Doc Number: SD-WM-POA-001
    Revision: 0
    Author: Carothers K G, Leshikar G A, Pedersen L T
    Doc Date: August 15, 1997
  4. Fiscal Year 1999 Waste Information Requirements Document

    Accession: E0049573
    Doc Number: HNF-2884
    Revision: 0
    Author: Adams M R
    Doc Date: August 10, 1998