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  1. Site Evaluation Report Site Screening Evaluation and Selection Project W-049H 200 Areas Treated Effluent Disposal Basin

    Accession: E0022554
    Doc Number: SD-W049H-SE-004
    Revision: 001
    Author: Davis J D
    Doc Date: July 30, 1992
  2. 200 Area Treated Effluent Disposal Site Characterization Work Plan Project W-049H M-17-08

    Accession: E0021963
    Doc Number: 9203345
    Author: Anderson G
    Doc Date: June 16, 1992
  3. 200 Area TEDF (Project W-049H) Wastewater Engineering Report.

    Accession: E0022218
    Doc Number: 9203055
    Author: Anderson G
    Doc Date: March 13, 1992
  4. 200 Area TEDF Project W-049H Waste Water Engineering Report

    Accession: E0019899
    Doc Number: 9201966
    Author: Anderson G
    Doc Date: March 13, 1992
  5. Project W-049H, Thirty Percent Design Report (M-17-08)

    Accession: E0022460
    Doc Number: 9203079,9205239
    Author: Anderson G
    Doc Date: July 15, 1992
  6. Completion of TPA Interim Milestone M-17-08

    Accession: D196012012
    Doc Number: 95-LEP-034
    Author: Teynor T K
    Doc Date: May 31, 1995
  7. Final Design Drawings and Specifications for the 200 Area Treated Effluent Disposal Facility Disposal System (Project W-049H, TPA Milestone M-17-08)

    Accession: D196058325
    Doc Number:
    Author: Selby M A
    Doc Date: December 03, 1993
  8. Site Characterization Report for the W-049H Project

    Accession: E0032095
    Doc Number: SD-EN-EE-011
    Revision: 000
    Author: Mitchell R M
    Doc Date: October 21, 1993
  9. Determination of Nonsignificance and Environmental Checklist 200 Area TERF

    Accession: D196241192
    Doc Number: 9308816
    Author: Bulter D
    Doc Date: November 15, 1993
  10. Engineering Change Notice to SD-WO49H-ES-003 Rev 000 Project W-049H Treated Effluent Disposal Alternatives Engineering Study

    Accession: E0019190
    Doc Number: ECN168240,SD-W049H-ES-003
    Author: Davis J D
    Doc Date: February 05, 1992