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  1. Modification of Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (Agreement) M-91 Series

    Accession: DA06561253
    Doc Number: M-91-07-01
    Author: NA, NA, NA
    Doc Date: July 07, 2007
  2. Meeting Minutes Project Managers Meeting M-91 February 28 2008

    Accession: 0805120061
    Doc Number:
    Author: Sinton G L, NA, NA
    Doc Date: April 24, 2008
  3. Meeting Minutes Project Managers Meeting M-91 September 25 2008

    Accession: 0811201253
    Doc Number:
    Author: NA
    Doc Date: October 23, 2008
  4. Project Management Plan For Transuranic and Transuranic Mixed Waste Per TPA M-91-03

    Accession: D8366879
    Doc Number: HNF-6287
    Revision: 001
    Author: Bounini L, Anderson S P
    Doc Date: June 01, 2000
  5. Extension of Dispute Resolution To March 10 2003 To Respond To TPA Change Request M-91-00-03 For Milestone M-091-01 Change Request M-91-00-04 For Milestone M-091-03 and Associated Dispute Related Correspondence Between Agencies

    Accession: D1079322
    Doc Number:
    Author: Klein K A, Fitzsimmons T
    Doc Date: February 28, 2003
  6. HNF-19169 Revision 12: M-91 Transuranic Mixed/Mixed Low-Level Waste Project Management Plan

    Accession: 0088475
    Doc Number: HNF-19169
    Revision: 12
    Author: NA
    Doc Date: June 19, 2013
  7. M-91-03 Change Request For TPA

    Accession: D2665328
    Doc Number: 03-RCA-0364
    Author: Klein K A
    Doc Date: August 26, 2003
  8. Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Change Control Form Modification of TPA M-91 Series Provisions

    Accession: D5100949
    Doc Number: M-91-03-01
    Author: NA, NA, NA
    Doc Date: May 11, 2004
  9. Meeting Minutes IAMIT June 29 2001

    Accession: D9035433
    Doc Number:
    Author: Sherwood D R
    Doc Date: March 18, 2002
  10. Meeting Minutes IAMIT November 27 2001

    Accession: D9066899
    Doc Number:
    Author: Rasmussen J E, Ballard W W
    Doc Date: May 21, 2002